In English Language , Very basic thing to know and from where English Starts , is to have clear understanding of Articles,What are Articles? How can we use them?

So Article is a word that we use before any Noun  or an Adjective to describe if the sentence is specific or not. we have Three articles in English Language : A , An and The.

For example : a chair, the book, a glass, the actor, an apple, the umbrella.

Types of Articles

There are two articles:

1. Indefinite article: A/An
2. Definite article: The

Definite Article: (the)

Definite means “obvious, clear” , The definite article “the” is used for a specific or particular noun.The user speaks about particular thing, user focuses the thing.


“The Jeep I bought broke down”

“I Spoke the truth”

“Aslam is the tallest among his brothers”

The article “the” before the noun i.e jeep, truth, tallest  means these are special than others, and it talks about specific jeep or among his brothers.

Indefinite Article: (A/An)

Indefinite means “not-clear, not exact”. Indefinite articles means the user can talk about any thing and not for a specific thing or noun.


“Ali bought a coat

“Hassan ate an apple”

The article “a” before coat in above sentence means that the coat he bought is any coat and not a specific coat, and hassan ate an apple not a spacific apple.

Rules for using Indefinite Article (a/an)

We use article  “a”  before the word (“singular”) that begins with a consonant, or begins with vowels (a,e,i,o,u) that sounds a consonant sound.
for example:  a table, a fox, a camera, a university, a camel.

Article “an” is used before the word (“singular”) that starts with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or consonant that sounds vowel sound or word that begins with silent h .
for example: an Orange, an elephant, an ulfie, an hour,

1. Before a singular noun that can be counted
e.g  He bought a book
She is eating an apple.

2. Before a noun that describes a category of things.
e.g  An apple is rich in vitamins.

3. For certain expressions of quantity
e.g a lot of, a few, a couple, a dozen

4. For certain numbers.
e.g a billion, a million, a thousand
5. Article a/an can not be used before the nouns that are not countable.
e.g. water, milk, sand etc

Rules for definite Article (the)

We can use article “the” for both before begining a singular and plural noun according to grammatical rules. e.g. the table, the benches,

1. Before the place, object or group of object which is unique or considered to be specific and geographical region.
e.g. the earth, the moon, the sky, the stars, the north pole, the equator, the south pole, the heaven.

2. For a noun made of definite or particular purpose.
e.g. The principal helped a poor student and the student was soo happy.

3. For a noun made specific or clear/exact in a phrase.
e.g. The old table, The boy with brown eyes, The girl I saw, The nice blue coat.

4. Before the forms like superlatives, and first, second,.. etc, and only
e.g. The best day, the second month, The only method, etc

5. Before a phrase composed of a proper and common noun
e.g. The Birminghem city, The river Chenab, The library of Qurtaba Univ ersity,

6. Before the names of organizations
e.g. The Association of Chartered Accountants, The World Wide Web (www) Organization

7. Before names of scientific principles, theories, laws etc. e.g. the laws of Einsteins, The Fahrenheit Temperature. But no article will be used for      the names if written in types like, Newton’s Law, Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures,Ein-Steins theory of relativity,

8. Article “the” is used if names of university are written in form like The University of Oxford, The University of  Qurtaba, The University of  Punjab.  

9.  Article “the” is not used for names of countries of places. e.g. USA, America, UK, Japan, London. But article “the” is used for a name, if it expresses a group of place, states, or land. e.g. The United States, The Philippines, The United Kingdoms,