Gul Panra Biography (Age, Affairs, Marriage, Husband, Sister, Brother, Family)

Gul Panra (گل پںرہ)  is a Pashto singer belongs to the capital of khyber pakhtoon khawa(kpk) Peshawar. she is very Prominent in Pashto Music industry. In Pakistan’s media industry, a new Flower has blossomed. A Flower whose fragrance leaves others fragrance dull. Their beauty leaves every other thing meaningless to watch. A “Gul” that gives new meaning to the city of flowers (Peshawar).

Gul Panra Pics

Gul Panra Born:

She was born in Peshawar. She is no other than Gul Panra herself. In Pakistan’s media industry, especially in singing, a beautiful melody echoes in everyone’s heart. The voice in concern is the wondrous voice of Gul Panra. One of a few names that got famous in a short while, shocking the world and leaving it speechless.

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Gul Panra Real Name:

Her real name is Mihnaz and she is a well-spoken name whenever it comes to the famous singers of Pakistan. She is most famous for her Pashto songs and Pashto Tapay. As the name speaks, Gul Panra is from the beautiful city of Peshawar, Pakistan. She was born on 6 September 1989. She started her career at a very young age all thanks to her beautiful voice. It is not just her voice but her beauty is remarkable on its own. Her hard work with her natural talent along with the God gifted sweetness of her voice was a sweet little secret to her success. Although there are singers with sweet and beautiful voice in industry but her uniqueness and charm make her the gem that attracts everyone no matter what. Her beauty is a good match to her gorgeous voice. She is a Pakhtoon so she is naturally very charming and appealing. Besides all her abilities, it was not an easy job to reach at peak so that everyone knows her now. Hardships and struggles made her what she is now.

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Education of Gul Panra:

Her education revolves around the city she grew in. She received her early education from the city of flowers, Peshawar. She got admission in University of Peshawar and received her Master’s Degree in Social Work. Even during her education, she kept singing and took it as an important part of her life.

In every field of life, it is not easy to be successful just by standing still and doing nothing. Only talent itself is not enough. Hard work is the key. So is the case with Gul Panra. The path to success was not easy for her. There were so many struggles and difficulties like every other path of life. The path she took was never easy. With every Goal, come challenges and hurdles. Gul definitely had to struggle very much to come to this platform she is now on. She is still very young and has a lot to achieve. The struggle to her dreams is on the go. She has got much more to come yet. There is one thing though; everything she has done so far is a piece of art. Quality splashes out of her work. She has a voice that touches hearts of people, even if people are not able to understand her language, they still will listen to her because she has a mesmerizing voice that makes its place in the hearts of people.

Gul Panra Pictures From There Social Media:

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Gul Panra Biography

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Singing Career:

Gul Panra’s singing career starts in 2010. She was only 20 years old when she started her career. There are none but a few names in the world that were that young yet honored with name and fame in the beginning of their singing careers. She started off by singing in concerts and marriage functions in Peshawar. It did not take long to make her well known in K.P.K.

Pashto Language Complete History:

She only sung in Pashto language at the beginning and had experience in many local and traditional Pashto songs as well.

Work in Pashto Films/Movies:

Then it was not very long that she got a chance to work in Pashto films as a playback singer and sang in about 20 Pashto films.

Gul Panra As A Singer:

Gul Panra was fond of singing since the early age. She loved singing when she was a child and that love led her to her future. She took singing as her passion and devotion. Singing had a special place in her heart. The devotion kept on growing even deeper and became a part of her mind and soul. Gul Panra started her career and work with great enthusiasm.

Singing was a joy for her. She was too young but she came up as a rising star. Her love for singing was as a pure as her devotion. She never stopped even when times were hard. Singing is definitely Gul’s passion, she came up a very different ambition, she wanted to prove herself as the best Pashto Singer as well as she wanted to change the concept of Pashto singers and Pashto singing and wanted to make this profession a very noble and respected one. She wanted to add up a new soul to the classical Pushto style of singing. She stood as a flower fragrant with Pashto culture and its beautiful traditions.

Top Songs Sung By Gul Panra:

Like every other flower, she started blooming by singing songs of famous Pashto singers and poets. She sang in concerts, marriage ceremonies and such other functions and kept on spreading her roots deeper into the hearts of Pashtoons. The attraction in her voice was not a small deal. She grabbed the attention of audience in minutes. There was an incident that turned into a golden chance for her to shine even brighter. Once she sang in a local hotel in Peshawar. Coincidently, a few music composers were also invited in a small party and they were amazed to find such a talent in a local hotel. Astonished by her voice, they offered her to sing a song for a Pashto film.

She was offered to work as a playback singer in the film. The extent of praise rose to the peak when one of them said it is the one of the most beautiful voices and even better than the singers already working in the industry. She was so surprised at first but then she accepted that offer, she sung as a playback singer. it was her first step in Pashto film industry as a playback singer. After her first song, she started to receive more and more offers and she released her first album “Zama Ghazal” that went viral on social media and people loved that and started to share this on their personal accounts. She worked for about 20 Pashto films. Her famous songs include “De Kurme Gulla”, “Or Da Judai”, “Za Bubly Bubly”, “Serf tamasha Kawa”, “Ma Chehra Ghareeb Sa”, “Malanga Yama”, “Man Amadeam”. Thanks to her miraculous voice, the people who don’t understand pashto , also love to listen to her melodious voice that livens the soul and makes the world feel more beautiful.

While giving her interview, Gul Panra once said that she regularly attended music classes with famous Pashto maestro Ustad Nazeer Gul, while her first Pasto song Za lalparee yem, was launched by music director Master Ali Haider. Gul Panra had also performed several times outside the country including Afghanistan, Qatar and UAE. Her biography is full of success and appreciation, from everywhere. In 2013, it was reported by a popular Pakistani newspaper that Gul Panra has find her life partner, who belongs to Afghanistan but no updates have been released by her in this regard.

Top Trending Coke Studio Song With Atim Aslam By Gul Panra:

It was In August 2015, when Gul Panra got a chance to sing a song as a duet with Atif Aslam in Coke Studio Season l8 as a singer and sung a popular Persian traditional song, “Man Aamadeh Am”. Gul Panra had sung a Persian version in this song on Coke Studio Season 8, while Atif Aslam had sung Urdu version in it. The song “Man Aamadeh Am” gone viral on social media just after its release. Social media went crazy with this hit and Gul panra was on every timeline on Facebook and twitter. Social media also served as a key factor to make Gul more famous then she already was. Working with a singer as famous as Atif Aslam was not an easy job but she managed to do a tremendous job.  She has sung mostly the Pashto songs so far but Gul is looking forward to sing a lot of Urdu songs in near future.

How to Contact With Gul Panra:

Now she is famous on her social media accounts. Gul Panra is active on her social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and shared updates regarding her songs on her social media accounts. Her fans can contact her on her Twitter and Facebook accounts, where she exists with the same name “Gul Panra”.

Gul Panra Scandals and Affairs:

Gul Panra is a very polite and kind-hearted woman. One can say, she stands for her name. Ever so delicate and soft hearted as a flower. She was from an area where rules and laws set by the Elders are strict. Women looking for a career or finding ways of earning by them are not much welcomed. Showbiz is at the top when it comes to the hatred of people. Most families do not allow their women to be a part of showbiz. There are certain limits, certain boundaries which cannot be crossed. Rules that are forbidden to break or else the consequences may prove deadly. Unfortunately, her family background is very conservative as well. In her family, it was only her father who supported her. All the other members of the family were against the idea of starting a career as a singer. Her mother still has serious issues with her career. Life is hard for her but she is managing everything with a gentle smile. She never said anything about her father stopping her for what she is doing. She says her father is a huge support for her but it is her mother who is strict and not very pleased with her career.

Name and Fame are like a shard sword. This sword can make an easy way through all the troubles but it can also cause a deadly injury to its wielder. As soon as a person becomes famous, most of the friends, relatives, neighbors who were against the idea, gradually start getting to an agreement. They start showing respect to that person. It is seen very often and is a part of history of many famous celebrities of the world. After Gul Panra got a chance to sing along with Atif Aslam in Coke Studio season 8, things started becoming easy for her. The path became straight. All the issues that most people had with her singing career was solved. Initially she was known and loved in her own area that is whole KPK but after “Man Amadeh Am” she is known worldwide, that was a huge platform for her to show her talent and worth and now she is not only very applauded in Pakistan but also, she receives love from all over the world.

Gul Panra Family (Sisters, Brothers, Father, Mother, Husband, Children)

Gul Panra has been living a very simple life from the very start. She belongs to a moderate family. Her lifestyle has not much changed even after all the fame she has received in all these years. In her every work, she has kept quality as a preference. But whenever simple people become famous in a short amount of time, people start pointing fingers even on minute matters. Misheard things or rumors turn into scandals which are very difficult to deal with at times. If the misunderstandings are not resolved, they keep on growing and become annoying and harder to deal with.

Gul Panra is a very simple and decent girl, she has never done such a work where she disgraces her family or culture, but still, people did not stop by making false news and scandals about her. Even with her soft and kindhearted nature, false rumors spread. They rumor became quite annoying at times. Once she was announced as DEAD by anonymous people and the rumor spread so fast that it shocked the whole nation. After sometime, when Gul appeared she was shocked by herself and said she did not even know that such a rumor existed. Not much time had passed that false news became famous. It was about Gul Panra’s marriage. This news caused troubles and she was left with no choice but to call a preconference. She announced that neither she was dead nor she got married. She requested not to spread false news and rumors like that. She said whenever she gets married or any big event takes place in her life, she will announce to the media herself.

Gul says herself “any female singer hailing from KPK faces a number of threats and needless interference from family, relatives and even parents in spite of the fact that singers from other areas won’t really have to face them because people and societies are liberal outside, she says that it comes with the territory, either they have to face it or not embrace it. That is why we lost Ghazal Javed in 2012, losing such an asset of Industry is such a big loss and considering the fact that she was killed for different reasons but it can happen to anyone, at any time, People should change their mindsets”.

Family and Personal Life:

Gul Panra was born on September 6, 1989 in Peshawar. She belongs to a very simple and moderate Pashtoon family. The way she talks and her everyday life represents the life of a normal Pakistani. Being born in a conservative and typical pashtoon environment, it was not easy to dream about something that is not welcomed in Pashtoon society. Gul had a dream of becoming a singer from a very small age. When she got a chance to be a part of showbiz, she was not welcomed by her people and the area.

Gul Panra’s education revolves around the city she grew in. She received her early education from the city of flowers, Peshawar. She got admission in University of Peshawar and received her master’s degree in Social Work. Even during her education, she kept singing and took it as an important part of her life.

In Her Family, her father is a tabla master and he was the only person who acknowledged her talent for the very first time and supported her in each and every step of her life. Even now he is proud of her daughter. Gul’s mother, a house wife, was against the idea of her becoming a professional singer. After all the fame and honor Gul Panra has achieved, her mother still has issues against her profession. She says that seeing her performing with Atif might melt her mother’s heart as she really loves her family and family has always been priority for Gul.

Off of her father and mother, Gul Panra has 6 sisters and 1 brother. She has a responsibility on her shoulders as she is the Eldest of all of her siblings. She had the duty of setting a good example for her younger brother and sisters. She did a good job by getting higher education and establishing a career in a young age and providing financial support to her family.

Gul Panra Marriage:

There was a rumor about her in the past that she is getting married but it was a false news. The story went viral on the media causing her a lot of trouble and proved really annoying. When things went out of hands, she had no choice but to call for a press conference. In the conference she clearly announced that rumors are not true. These are all false news. She requested to stop making such news and that she didn’t even know about these rumors for some time. She added if any major event takes place in her life, she herself will be the first to announce it to the media.

List OF Top Tapay Sung By Gul Panra:

Mn Aamadeh Am

Da Owaya Janana

Da Kurme Gula

Meena da Har Cha da Was Kar Nade

Shaba Tabahi Oka

Ya Zama Nadan Malanga

Da Wisal Tabiba Rasha

Te Laal Pari

Za Bubbly Bubbly

Khabara Tola Da Zargi Da

Da Panzebono Me Jhankar

Nasha Nasha She

Dilruba Mehbooba

Ishq Ziyada

Da Wale Wale

Jenai Sama Patasa Ye

Ze Che Tore Zulfe Shata Krem

Topai Da Puktano De Pa Sar

Nadaan Malanga

Sta De Ishq Baranona

Ma Sara Chal Bandy Selfie Jorawe

Zama Ghazal Malgaro Khudego

Har Watan Basha

Ay Zama Nadan Malanga

Dera Muda Oshwa

Ze Che Tore Zulfe

Pa Zra Bande Dagona

Lare Ka Ghamano

Muhabbat Ka Kharsedale

Janan Dy Janan

Tu Hi Ye Mujh Ko Bata De

Awara Shuma Za

Oor Lagawi Sta Mohabbat

Mena Na Kawam