Nouns are divided into two categories, common nouns and proper nouns.common nouns are words for people, places or things.

Examples: Ali, Table, Grass, Mirror, birds, baskets are example of nouns and proper nouns.


A Pronouns is a word that takes the place of noun or a proper noun, There are many types of pronouns in English Language,

Personal Pronouns:

The words I, We, They, You, He, She, It are called the pronouns, they take the space of nouns and are used as the subject of the verb in the sentence.


My name is Aamir, I am youngest in my family.

This is my father, He is a teacher.

They are peter, Jay and Annie,

Ali, you are a good person. e.t.c

These words are used as the subject in the sentence,

The words me, him, her, them, it, us are also pronouns and these are used as object in the sentences


I am standing on my head, Please look at me.

Pick up your toys and put them away from Allen.

You have a knife, give it to me.

Reflexive Pronouns:

The words Myself, Yourself, Himself,Itself, Herself, Theirself, Themself are called the Reflexive pronouns. They refer to the person or animal that is the subject of the verb.


Ali Made this Cake himself.

Our Cat washes itself after eating meat.

We organized the party by overselves. e.t.c

Interrogative Pronouns:

The words like who, whose, whom, what, which are called as interrogative pronouns.These pronouns are used to ask about questions.These sentences are ended with a question mark symbol. i.e.” ? “.


I-Who is singing this nice song ?

II-whom are going outside the earth?

III-Which thing do you prefer between table and chair ?

IV-Whose is this camel ?

V-What is it mocie time ?

Who can be used as object of the verb  and also as the subject of the verb, while whom is only used as the object.

Demonstrative Pronouns:

The word this, those, these, that are called as the Demonstrative Pronouns and are used to show words expression.


Those are Camels.

These are rabbits.

This is a hill-station.

User can use this and these for the things near them , and can use that and those for things farther away.


Adjectives are words that describes things, it tells you more about the nouns,they tell us what something is like, mostly they appears before the nouns (a cheap coat) it describes sometimes it comes after the noun (The Coat is cheap) , later in the sentence.


A charming bracelet. ( Before Noun )

The Girl eyes are glowing. ( After Noun )

All the players are tall and healthy.

Adjectives has different ending in sentences i.e. some adjectives end in -les -ful.

for example, homeless People, a beautiful dress, a useful tool etc.

These are the basics about the Pronouns , Practice well to become expert in these sentences .