Pashto Poetry

(Pashto Poetry and Poets)

Pashto poetry is an asset for pashtoons and represents their culture and traditions. there are very famous poets who wrote poetry in Pashto and also bring many albums in the market in the form of books as well as DVDs and CDs. In the modern era Pashto become a national language in Afghanistan and khyber pakhtoon khawa(kpk). This is also known as an afghani language because the founder of this language is afghani people in Afghanistan. This language also is spoken in Iran.

Abdul Raheem Roghani , pashto poet                                              Ahmed Shah Abdali , poet

Poet: Abdul Raheem Roghani                                                  Poet: Ahmad Shah Abdali

                                              Ajmal Khattak Baba poet

Poet: Abasin Yousafzai                                                              Poet:  Ajmal Khattak Baba

                                             Abdul Bari Jehani poetry

 Pashto Funny Poetry                                                               Poet: Abdul Bari Jehani