A Sentence is the complete thought or an idea –subject+predicate, It is represented as a simple sentence,

Example :
Ahmad Eats Mangoes.

Ali goes to school.

Hassan drives a car.

A basic sentence is made up of nouns and verbs. or combination of such words is called a sentence.

Example: Ali plays games too much.

Now let me explore this example, here, Ali = Subject Noun, plays = verb and  video game = object noun, so plays games too much makes a predicate,and here object is not the focus of sentence,

Types Of Sentence:

Declarative Sentence: These describes fact.

e.g. Aamir loves playing cricket, Aslam eats mangoes daily.

Imperative Sentence:  These types of sentences give orders.

e.g. Sam , fetch me a glass of water, Ali, go and get the ball.

Exclamatry Sentences: Describes argues, exclaims.

e.g. Please Help Me.

Interrogative Sentences: Describes about asking questions.

e.g. which type of movies do you like ? , may i ask a quastion ?

Since we are covering basics of English Language, so we will not go further deep in sentences.